Do Visitors Read Your Website?

Ray Access creates content that gets read.

As you know, it’s difficult enough — not to mention expensive — to attract the right visitors to your site.

If your content doesn’t persuade them to stick around, you’ve lost them forever. And what if they actually start reading the words you’ve published? Is their reaction more likely to be Yay or Nay?

Don’t waste your opportunity. Search engine optimization (SEO) doesn’t help once visitors have landed on your website. It’s up to your content to inform, entertain, engage and persuade them. While design, graphics and functionality matter, it’s your website content that drives the crucial response: Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down.

Who Writes Your Website Content?

For web developers building sites for clients, content may be the last piece of the puzzle. For project managers tasked with a website project, content may be the first item on your To Do list. Business owners seeking to update a site may not even think about content — or just use whatever’s there. No matter where you fall, new content improves a new site as much as a new design.

Business websites need to attract potential customers. Updating the website design isn’t enough. Hiring an SEO firm isn’t enough. You need content that connects with your visitors. If you decide to do the content and blog writing yourself, it takes time away from other duties — and the results may not be worth it. That’s why it pays to hire professional website content writers and blog writers.

And when you can’t write your own website content, you’re well served to outsource the work. Third-party content writers work for hire, so you own the content after full payment. In essence, you have the legal right to:

  • Put your own name on the content, an SEO benefit
  • Repost sections or entire articles to social media to create a buzz
  • Use appealing sentences in your advertising copy
  • Tweet sharp, focused phrases that attract attention
  • Send it out to newspapers, magazines or journals

Ray Access is your choice for content.

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