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Unlock Your Inner Potential Coaching

Unlock Your Inner Potential Coaching
Unlock Your Inner Potential Coaching
North Carolina
865 337 5583
Hey there! I’m Lisa Birnesser. Welcome to Unlock Your Inner Potential Coaching.

I help stressed-out, exhausted business owners and executives master stress, creating more resilience, time and freedom in your life.

If you are not familiar with who I am, I’ve been a stress coach for ten years helping others breakthrough self-limiting beliefs and create a vision of their desired future. My background in in occupational and massage therapy and I have helped thousands of people get stress relief.

What is Stress Mastery Coaching?

Stress Mastery Coaching helps you discover where you feel stuck and struggling with stress. Once enrolled in coaching you will take a short Stress Mastery Questionnaire to help you pinpoint areas of high stress

Through a variety of strategies and techniques, we will work together to fine tune your goals, create actionable steps with accountability to keep on track.

I provide private 1 on 1 and group coaching. I also provide presentations at your workplace for you and your employees.

How is this different from traditional therapy?

Traditional therapy focuses on past traumas and resolving deeper issues that are presently affecting your life.

Stress Mastery Coaching focuses on your current situation and move toward your desired future.

What Coaching is Not

Stress Mastery Coaching is not about fixing or advice giving. It’s about asking powerful questions so the answer already within you become clearer.

Next Step

If you feel like Stress Mastery Coaching may be for you, go to for your complimentary discovery call. There will be a few questions to answer so I can be of best service to you.

I’m so looking forward to meeting you! Talk with you soon