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Kathryn Bruns CPA

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Kathryn Bruns CPA
Kathryn Bruns CPA
1944 Hendersonville Rd.
North Carolina
: 828-595-3366
: 828-738-2162
Certified Public Accountant providing tax, accounting and bookkeeping services, state tax solutions, and personal affairs stewardship.

Kathryn Bruns, CPA is a trusted tax and bookkeeping partner, as well as a personal financial advocate.  She has an extensive background in complex corporate tax environments, which enables her to bring a level of service, professionalism, and savvy typically found only in the largest of firms.  Kathryn seeks to build and nurture a personal and trusting relationship with her clients.

Kathryn has extensive experience in tax, which includes tax preparation, consulting, and resolution services for a variety of businesses and individuals.  Tax return preparation is performed beyond by rote, with an eye toward identifying tax savings opportunities.  She can help analyze the tax implications of issues during all phases of a business’s or individual’s life.  Her goal is to provide tax services that balance the cost versus benefit of the tax positions ultimately taken.  She resolves issues that operate within the boundaries of the tax laws, but pushes those boundaries as needed to benefit her clients.  She has the experience and finesse necessary to do so.

Kathryn offers small business bookkeeping services, which includes payroll, sales tax, and other related tasks as needed by the client.  She stands out from other bookkeepers because her services are performed by a CPA with knowledge of both the accounting and tax rules.  This service provides a year round ability for clients to know where they stand for business and tax purposes.  She provides this quality level of bookkeeping services at rates that beat CPA firms and enables small businesses to focus their attention on where they need to, on operating their business.  Kathryn is certified in Quickbooks Online, and also utilizes Quickbooks Desktop as a tool if necessary.

Project accounting relates to budgeting and/or bookkeeping for a specific event or project.  Kathryn can help you stay on track by making sure you know where you stand financially, ensures you don’t spend more than you can, and helps you make adjustments as needed.  In addition, for someone pursuing a business purchase and beginning the due diligence process, Kathryn can review the seller’s tax returns and supporting financial records.  This will help buyers have confidence in the numbers that the seller is presenting, which is key information needed to ensure a fair price is ultimately paid.  Kathryn can help you with any projects that require tax and accounting expertise.

Kathryn has experience in all aspects of state income and franchise tax. Her expertise can be utilized by the largest Fortune 500 companies with the most complex state tax profiles, or by smaller companies with a simpler state tax footprint. She can help enhance the function so that it can be run as efficiently as possible, or she can analyze the function to see if there are tax savings opportunities available. Kathryn can also periodically maintain the function and provide support as needed.

Kathryn Bruns, CPA is a Notary Public and can assist or counsel on many projects that have legal and/or financial ramifications.

  • Kathryn Bruns CPA
  • Kathryn Bruns CPA
  • Kathryn Bruns CPA
  • Kathryn Bruns CPA
  • Kathryn Bruns CPA


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