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Ellen McNeill, The Productivity Optimizer
You may not be thinking about it but there is always room for efficiency improvement.
North Carolina
Did you know that any productivity problems in your workplace will grow exponentially as your business grows? This is particularly true in rapidly growing companies.

Ellen McNeill, The Productivity Optimizer, has a "Superpower" that is rarely found in a consultant. Ellen can "see what's invisible" in virtually any business environment. She quickly discovers hidden “profitability leaks”, inefficiencies, bottlenecks and redundancies that are decreasing your bottom line, reducing your efficiency and wasting time.
All of these problems will inadvertently be taught to any new hires.

That’s why low productivity and inefficiencies grow as you add extra employees. But this can be fixed so problems don’t get bigger.

Ellen works exclusively with small growing businesses to streamline, simplify and effectively structure the way everyday
tasks are done. She combines her "Superpower" skills with creative, logical and simple proven strategies that can optimize your workplace productivity.

Ellen helps fine-tune your employees' efficiency and boost productivity and profitability while finding invisible productivity and profitability leaks.

She offers a complimentary 25 minute telephone consultation for business owners. It's easy to schedule a consultation with Ellen and you can do it right now.

Copy and paste the following URL in your browser -- -- to get to Ellen's scheduling calendar. Book your FREE 25 minute telephone consultation today.

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to speak with Ellen one-to-one.