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AlignLife Chiropractic & Natural Health Center
1272 Tunnel Road
North Carolina
: 828-820-2121
We exist to help every woman, man and child live a life full of health and vitality through chiropractic and natural health care.
Edgewood Chiropractic & Wellness Center
68 Grove Street Suite C4
North Carolina
: 828-254-3838
Asheville Chiropractor Dr. Cory Noll is a Chiropractor in Downtown Asheville providing Chiropractic Care. Headaches, Low Back Pain, Sciatica, Disc Injuries, Knee and Shoulder Problems, Wrist Pain, Hormonal Issues, Digestive Disorders and general aches and pains are some of the many issues that Dr. Cory helps people with every day. 
Dr. Landon and Dr. Abigaile Ortiz and Family with the Gardens of Health Chiropractic Mobile Clinic
75 Edwin Place
North Carolina
: 828-252-1882
Gardens of Health Chiropractic in Asheville is Western North Carolina’s only Mobile Chiropractic Clinic. Chiropractors Dr. Landon Ortiz and Dr. Abigaile Ortiz provide affordable and accessible relief of back and neck pain, headaches, joint pain, treat sports injuries, and provide prenatal, infant, and pediatric care as well. The Gardens of Health Chiropractic Mobile Clinic is a state of the art facility. You can choose to come to one of our planned locations or have us bring the mobile clinic to your home or workplace. Dr. Landon and Dr. Abigaile have practiced around the globe and bring world-class chiropractic care to Asheville. Make your health a priority with Gardens of Health Chiropractic!
One Love Chiropractic
959 Merrimon Ave #201
North Carolina
: 828-505-1584
One Love Chiropractic in Asheville provides care for the entire family, including Pediatric and Prenatal Care, Sports Injuries, Sciatica, Pain, and many other issues. Chiropractor Dr Derek Kasten has a goal “to set every family on the path toward wellness” and it his mission to help parents in Asheville who are interested in becoming educated about something better than the mainstream healthcare model.  Click here to learn how you can read Indifference: Why Our Children Are So Sick, an eBook written by Dr. Kasten describing some of the issues parents face in today’s American culture.
Radius Chiropractic
1011 Tunnel Rd. Suite 110
North Carolina
: 828-333-4447
Radius Chiropractic in Asheville is now open! Chiropractor Dr Dan Martin provides full service Chiropractic care, including X-Rays, education, treatment and more. Experience a new level of health & wellness care using the latest techniques and technology available, from people that care about you and your family. There are many reasons to seek out Chiropractic care, from preventative treatment for healthy living, to pain issues, sciatica, illness, allergies, soreness, headaches and many other issues. Dr Dan Martin is a principled chiropractor specializing in Torque Release Technique, known as TRT. This chiropractic technique is the most advanced and researched in use today, and is gentle, precise care for people of any age. 
Weaverville Chiropractor
10 Penny Lane
North Carolina
: 828-777-6115
Chris Thompson DC is a chiropractor located in Weaverville NC, the office is family friendly home based chiropractic office. The office offers a variety of services from traditional chiropractic care to myofascial release including kinesotaping.
At this time the office does not accept any insurance assignment. Our office is a self pay office.
During his years of practice he has developed a comprehensive therapy program that utilizes several modalities; hands on techniques and mechanical tools. This integrative approach has proven successful in providing relief from chronic pain and acute injury and re-educating the body to optimal performance;

Certified in myofascial release work for chronic shoulder pain tendonitis relief and foot pain like plantar fasciitis relief. Experienced in low back disc injuries, sciatica, neck pain relief, as well as, headaches and migraine headaches.