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Dynamic Image Marketing

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Dynamic Image Marketing - Promotional Products - Screen Printing - Full Color Print - Embroidery - Branded Swag
Dynamic Image Marketing
North Carolina
Your Print & Promotional Products Resource for anything imprinted, screen printed or embroidered

Your Print & Promotional Products Resource for anything imprinted, screen printed or embroidered including name badges and banners as well as full color printed marketing collateral.

Anything you’d want to put your logo or brand on we can probably do as we’ve been doing so since 1994. While we do signage, we do not do any signage that would require inside or outdoor installation. So if you need floor graphics or wall graphics, banners or yard signs, reach out to us as we’d love to be of service.

We also provide a ton of full color printed marketing collateral so if you need business cards, rack cards, brochures, folders, stickers, labels, buttons, envelopes, and a whole lot more give us a call.

Why us? To which I’d answer why not. We’re local which really means nothing if we can’t provide quality, service and price. Since we compete nationally we must be doing something right as well as we have served several international clients as well.

One last thing, if your only criteria is CHEAP, we will not be a good fit for you as our intention is to always provide quality products which may be economical but never cheap. Having said that, we’re not expensive by any means but consider us to always be affordable as there are always options to fit most any budget.

  • Branded Embroidered Caps
  • Branded Feather Flag
  • Branded Display Boards
  • Branded Embroidered CAps
  • Branded Vinyl Window Clings
  • Branded Yard Signs
  • Branded Retractable Vertical Signage Banner
  • Branded Canvas Prints
  • Branded Pop Up Tent
  • Branded USB Flash Drive Thumb Drive
  • Branded Full Color Table Cover
  • Branded Copper Travel Mug
  • Branded Journal Book and Pen Set
  • Branded Brochures
  • Branded Tank Top
  • Branded Full Color Printed Booklet
  • Branded T-shirt
  • Branded Full Color Printed Door Hanger
  • Branded Journal Book and Pen Set
  • Branded Camp Mug
  • Branded Hand Sanitizer
  • Branded Award Recognition
  • Branded Signage
  • Branded House Shaped Magnet
  • Branded Bookmarks
  • Branded Name Badge
  • Branded Apron
  • Branded Poo Stress Toy
  • Branded T-shirt
  • Branded Mint Tins
  • Branded Table Tent
  • Branded Food Gift Snacks
  • Branded Roll Labels
  • Branded Travel Mug
  • Branded Camel-Bak Water Bottle
  • Branded Journal Book and Pen Set
  • Branded Pen
  • Branded Novelty Pen
  • Branded Stress Toy
  • Branded Wall Graphic
  • Branded Mentos
  • Branded Keylight Flashlight
  • Branded Multi Tool Knife
  • Branded Lip Balm
  • Branded Wine Opener Wine Key Set
  • Branded Blanket
  • Branded Scrubs
  • Branded Mask
  • Branded Printed Envelopes #10
  • Branded Umbrellas
  • Branded Tote Bag
  • Branded Pen
  • Branded Hoodies
  • Branded Postcards
  • Branded Folded Business Cards
  • Branded Flyers
  • Branded Floor Graphics
  • Branded Foldable Pet Bowl
  • Branded Desk Charger
  • Branded Sticky Notes
  • Branded Pen
  • Branded Greeting Card Holiday Card
  • Branded Glasses
  • Branded Metal Straws
  • Branded Water Bottle
  • Branded Copper Travel Mug
  • Branded Balloons
  • Branded Lunch Tote 6 Pack Cooler
  • Branded Lunch Tote Kit
  • Branded Colored Pencils Set
  • Branded Beach Ball
  • Branded Foldable Flyer Frisbee
  • Branded Plush Toy Llama
  • Branded Cooler
  • Branded Presentation Folder
  • Branded Drone
  • Branded Business Cards
  • Branded Lighted Whistle
  • Branded Binoculars
  • Branded 3 in 1 Winter Jacket
  • Branded Messenger Bag
  • Branded Work From Home Gift Set
  • Branded Ear Buds
  • Branded Smart Plug
  • Branded Power Bank
  • Branded Camp Chair
  • Branded Plush Toy Bear
  • Branded Picnic Cooler
  • Branded Messenger Bag
  • Branded Massage Kit
  • Branded Champagne Travel Flutes
  • Branded yoga Mat
  • Branded Kids Water Bottle
  • Branded Water Bottle
  • Branded Travel Mug
  • Branded BBQ Apron Set
  • Branded Gift Set


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