We'd like to personally invite you to an upcoming event called Meet Montreat College Adult and Graduate Studies in Asheville.

Meet Montreat AGS Asheville will take place on Tuesday night, October 10 from 5:30-7:00 p.m. at the DoubleTree by Hilton (115 Hendersonville Road) in Asheville.

There is no cost to attend, and there will be food and drinks. Please see the attached image. This is an event for business professionals, community influencers, prospective students, and alumni. The first 30 minutes is a chance to network with around 100 people from western North Carolina.

Dr. Paul Maurer, president of Montreat College, will share his vision for Montreat College during the program. There will also be a panel discussion featuring a Montreat AGS student, alumni, and faculty member. You'll have the chance to meet our president, Montreat faculty and staff, and learn more about our adult undergraduate and graduate degree programs offered throughout western North Carolina and online.

Please RSVP online at www.montreat.edu/agsmeetmontreatrsvp. Share this invitation with friends, family, business influencers, coworkers, and whoever you think might benefit from attending this event.


Friday, 15 September 2017 18:23

Asheville Landscaping and Design Services

You are busy, you work hard all week, and when the weekend rolls around you want to do all the hard work in your yard to turn it into your perfect retreat, eventually... wait! How does relaxing on your porch, cooking out on the patio, or playing with the kids in your beautifully landscaped yard sound? We thought so! You deserve to have more time to unwind and spend time with your family and friends, and the professional landscaping and design services of a reputable, locally owned and operated business with decades of experience is the way to go.

Father and Son Team, Tommy and Thomas Klein are the driving force behind Natural Scapes Landscaping and Design in Asheville, NC. This family owned business has been serving our community since 1997 along with their Staff. Just what all do they do? Natural Scapes does stonework, retaining walls, outdoor living spaces, trail construction, patios and decks, rain collection systems, planting and pruning, hardscapes, water features, drainage solutions and any and all other landscaping needs.

Want to learn more? Visit Natural Scapes Landscaping and Design to watch videos and view a photo gallery of their work.

There are business networking events, and there is that "one" that you can't miss. This is it! We are excited to co-host the Fletcher Area Business Association "Focus Ater Five" event with (and at) Big Frog Custom T-Shirts of Asheville. We are already expecting over a hundred people and have room for more, so mark your calendar for Thursday September 14th, 2017 from 5:30p-7p at Big Frog (336 Rockwood Rd #105, Arden, NC 28704). Everyone is welcome whether you are a FABA Member or not, and all are encouraged to "Be Our Guest!". Dinner will be provided, and it's going to be good! Surf N Brew of Fletcher will be serving up delicious food and The Italian Cookie Lady is bringing dessert too. 



More Info (please RSVP on one of these platforms):

Facebook / Meetup



FABA FA5 Incredible Towns and Big Frog Custom TShirts of Asheville


Most of us have been there, paid the rent and bills and have scarce little money left to buy food. What does one do to keep their belly full and not go broke living in Asheville with it's high cost of living? Cutting out $4 Lattes, $7 Avocado Toast and Eating Out are typically good ideas to make you dollars stretch farther, but many still shake their head at the prices in the regular grocery stores for everyday food items. A solution to higher priced food is to shop at Discount Grocery Stores to save 50% and more, effectively doubling your food purchasing power! One of the many fine stores in town fulfilling this need in our Community is The Price Is Right Discount Warehouse, located in North Asheville at 198 Weaverville Road. Bargain hunters will appreciate the selection and prices as they fill up their buggy with food without taking a big hit in the wallet. However, they don't just carry food, and discount shoppers can also save on Health & Beauty, Home Goods, and Furniture while they are there. 

What kind of deals can you expect? A recent visit saw Bread for $1.49, K-Cup Tea priced at 3 Boxes for $6, 98¢ Organic Mac & Cheese Boxes, $1.50 Boxes of Cereal, 98¢ Bags of Chips, and too many other deals to list here. Of course, their selection changes and deals change, but they are always a huge savings off of what you pay at a regular grocery store. You may not find everything you need here, but you will save a lot of cash on what you do, so shop here first before you go anywhere else!

Keeping Seniors at Home, Not the Nursing Home. Living with Dignity and Comfort in the comfort of your or a loved one's home, this is the goal of a locally owned Home Health Care service in the Asheville area. Caring individuals helping with the day to day chores and necessities of life, cooking, dressing, companionship, transportation, Plant and Pet Sitting, Salon Services, Cleaning and Organization, and anything else that needs to be done. Under the supervision of an RN, the caregivers of Caring Hearts and Hands Agency provide these services to Asheville Seniors to give them the very dignity and comfort they deserve. 

Are you caring for a elderly family member and could use some help? It's hard and can be overwhelming, and the professionals at Caring Hearts & Hands understand. To learn more, call and speak with them at (828) 333-5051 or visit them on the web at Caring Hearts & Hands Agency.

Thursday, 27 July 2017 05:19

What to do with empty Homes in Asheville?

Asheville has become quite the destination for vacationers, and many fall in love with the area and buy a second home. Some folks have been transferred out of the area for work but still own a home here, while others might receive a home in a will. What happens when these homes are vacant and not being used for whatever reason? The taxes, insurance, and possibly a mortgage still have to be paid, what can you do? Many 2nd home owners are turning to Property Management Services to take care of these homes and finding good people who need to rent them. This helps to create income for the owner and provides needed housing for our community. Why hire a Property Manager and not do it yourself? That's easy! They handle everything for you, which is especially important when the home owner doesn't live full time in Asheville. Who has time to advertise, show, screen tenants, sign leases, inspect property, collect rent, do maintenance, and all the the other thinsg necessary to properly manage their property when they are not physically here? That is why you hire a Pro! 

The premiere Property Management Company in Asheville is Rent-A-Home of Asheville. With extensive knowledge of the area and years of experience managing properties ranging from houses, condos, townhomes and apartments, these Pros are ready to help you turn your home into an investment that pays back. Are you a Renter in search of a Quality Rental? Search Asheville Homes For Rent

Monday, 24 July 2017 05:19

Making Smiles with Big Frog Styles

Custom, Individual, Personalized, Unique, no, we aren't describing the pie you designed at a popular pizza shop! Wouldn't it be cool to put whatever you want on a shirt without having to buy 48 of them? Imagine a world where people who want to help you look good actually take the time to design your shirt and print it for you (often while you wait for small orders and in-stock product). Wouldn't that be great? Well, of course, that world is right here in Asheville at Big Frog Custom T-Shirts and More of Asheville! This amphibian themed t-shirt shop is up to date with the latest technology to personalize T-shirts (and jackets, and towels, and baby clothes, and...) including custom digital printing, screenprinting, and embroidery. 

You have probably heard of screenprinting and embroidery and Big Frog has you covered for these techniques! But, just what is Direct to Garment Digital Printing? Exactly like it sounds, Big Frog has a GINORMOUS Printer located in store. This is the latest technology in creating custom garments. Not only is it fast (on-site or 24 hr turnaround), there are No Minimum Orders, No Setup Fees or Design Fees, and they can print Full Color Photos, including shadows, gradients, colors and details! Have a bowling team? get your team logo with individual names on each shirt. Need work shirts for your store or office? No Problem! Family Reunion? Put the family picture and each attendees name on their own shirt! The possibilities are endless at Big Frog in Asheville. 

SO what are you waiting for? Visit Big Frog Custom T-Shirts & More of Asheville at 336 Rockwood Rd Arden, NC 28704 - just off of the I-26 Airport Rd Exit by Casa Torres and Mills River Brewery. 

At Asheville's Airport Self Storage, It's Not Hoarding if Your Junk is Cool! Too much stuff, too many things, how many times have those boxes moved to a new house in Asheville and stored in a closet without being opened, we've all been there! We all have clutter and items we only use once in Blue Moon, so why not put it somewhere in a storage solution you can access it anytime you need without it being underfoot all the time? (Of course, if you have to walk on it, then it is hoarding, and all kidding aside, that can be less than cool...) The solution to your extra stuff is renting a convenient and secure storage facility to keep your items safe.

Many folks in the Asheville area wonder what kind of storage facility is the best for their treasure! You should be looking for a place that has On-Site Management for the best Customer Service. Next, is it safe and secure, are there cameras, gates, safety locks and other measures to deter criminals and theft? Will you have 24/7 Access to your unit? Do they have a clean facility where you would like your stuff to chill at while it is away from you? Are temperature controlled units available for rent? Can you park an RV or Vehicle?

Fortunately all of this and more is available at Airport Self Storage in Fletcher's Design Center. Located just a minute off of Airport Rd, this modern facility is convenient to Asheville, Arden, Skyland, Mills River, Biltmore Park and Hendersonville. Stop in and meet the On Site Manager and pick out the right storage solution for your needs. Learn more about Airport Self Storage.

Thursday, 20 July 2017 05:19

Flooring Asheville

Flooring Asheville - One home at a time! What do you like to walk on? Carpet, Hardwood, and Tile are just 3 of the many choices you will find in a flooring showroom in Asheville. There are colors, styles, feels, and many other decisions to make when choosing the right floors for your kitchen, bathroom, living room, porch, bedroom, or anywhere else you walk in your home. It's a choice you will enjoy or hate for many years to come so it makes a lot of sense to enlist the help of a professional team that knows the "in's and out's" of flooring. Located in North Asheville, one company is making the process as easy as possible in their new showroom (133 Weaverville Rd. Asheville, NC 28804) and at your home with their Mobile Flooring Showroom. Dennis Rhodes and the team at Floor Coverings International have many years of experience in consulting, sales, installation and service of all types of flooring from the USA and all around the world. 

Why hire a Professional established Flooring Company in Asheville? If you do it yourself, you have to buy the tools, watch videos, buy the flooring, fix issues... and how many times does this end up in calling a professional to "fix" the job? Get it done right by either stopping by the Floor Coverings International Showroom, or call or schedule a free quote in your home. They will send the Mobile Flooring Showroom directly to you! Get Contact Info 

Ever heard the phrase "You get what you pay for?". Furniture and Big Box stores in the Hendersonville / Asheville area always have a bunch of cheap furniture available. Most of us have bought it and had to replace it in a couple of years. Have you also heard "They don't make things like they used to"? Well that is not the case at Silver Fox Gallery in Downtown Hendersonville. You can still get heirloom quality furniture, custom made by US Craftsmen to your order at this unique furniture store. Visit the Custom Design Center located inside Silver Fox Gallery. pick out your materials, styles and finishes and your order is then placed. The resulting piece is unique, and a family treasure to be passed down for generations. The cost of quality is always less over time than the cost of replacing inferior quality items constantly, plus the satisfaction derived from enjoying your own custom furniture is priceless! 

Not just a furniture store, Silver Fox Gallery is an Interior Design Center as well. Their Professional Interior Designers will help you create the room(s) of your dreams, and wouldn't some new custom furniture look great with color and style coordinated drapes, lighting, fans, art and more? Of course it would! Stop by the showroom to learn more about Custom Furniture Design by American Craftsmen, located at 508 N. Main St in Downtown Hendersonville, or give them a call at (828) 698-0601.



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