• Full healing from past hurts requires care

    A Mindful Emergence
    By employing a focus that embraces mind, body, and spirit, the programs at A Mindful Emergence allow you to evolve and flourish instead of merely getting by. A Mindful Emergence, founded by Eddie LeShure and Margaret Kirschner, offers online (and, when appropriate, in-person) private instruction to help individuals get unstuck by utilizing simple steps. They provide you with trauma-informed, evidence-based, … Read More
  • Yoga Nut is here to help

    Lindsay Coward, owner of Yoga Nut, tells about how it all began. “It all started when I was in college – there were free classes offered to students. Yoga was something I had heard of, but never had the opportunity to try. I checked it out, and loved it! After graduation I took a sedentary … Read More
  • A Vacation Rental with a Country Feel

    Looking for a quiet place to “hide away” in Asheville? A place with a country feel, but close enough to enjoy all the attractions of the city? Look no further than Asheville Hideaway. If you’re looking for a vacation rental for two, a corporate getaway, mobile nurse quarters, or a really homey place to bed … Read More
  • Great Lunch in Mars Hill

    It may seem counter-intuitive to believe you can find a great lunch at a gas station, but yes, you can at the Mars Hill American Grill. The high quality of the food derives from the owner’s simple philosophy. “I don’t serve anything we don’t want to eat ourselves,” says owner Yousef Benomran. “Our specialty is … Read More
  • Rejection Is So Beautiful

    Dynamic Image
    The 9th Wonder Of The World Photo by Murat Şahin on Pexels I know it may seem that I’ve lost all of my marbles, and perhaps if you knew me well enough, you would agree but hear me out. As you read this, hold this thought in mind, look forward to your next rejection. Why, you ask? Because … Read More
  • I Started A Joke

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    Photo by mentatdgt on Pexels “I started a joke which started the whole world crying,” are the opening lyrics to a Bee Gee’s song I heard last week while watching a movie on Netflix. It’s a melancholy song that reminded me of a lost friendship. I hadn’t heard this song in a long time, but it got me … Read More
  • Fast Food made-to-order in Mars Hill

    Restaurants in Mars Hill NC
    Fast Food Done Right at Mars Hill American Grill Mars Hill American Grill is a Locally Owned and Operated Fast Food Restaurant in Mars Hill, serving up your favorites! They use quality ingredients, cooked after you order, served hot and fresh! Menu Items include Black Angus Hamburgers, Beef Hot Dogs, Pizza, Wings, Soft Serve Ice Cream, … Read More
  • Hillary Really Does Love Hair

    Hillary Loves Hair
    Hillary Loves Hair. You can see Hillary Small‘s passion for high quality hair styling as soon as you sit in her chair at Lavender and Lace Salon. She truly loves hair and is such a smiling fun person to be around. She loves great conversation and is so easy to talk to.  Visiting her at … Read More
  • Wildhawk Physical Therapy is open!

    Wildhawk Physical Therapy logo
    WildHawk Physical Therapy‘s mission is to provide quality, individualized treatment with a one-on-one approach. Their goals for treatment include movement restoration, optimizing wellness and improving the health of the community. Owners and Founders Ryan Barragree and Christian Busch opened WildHawk Physical Therapy in 2020.  The two became friends while doctoral candidates at the University of … Read More
  • Get the results of Lipo without surgery.

    Strawberry Laser Lipo of Asheville
    Strawberry Laser Lipo of Asheville believes everyone should feel beautiful. They want to help you achieve your body shape goals by eliminating fat from specific areas that are slow to respond to diet and exercise, such as the stomach, “muffin top”, hips and thighs. Strawberry Laser Lipo‘s low-level, non-invasive technology will naturally and painlessly melt … Read More