• Use Your Procrastination As A New Super Power

    Productive Procrastination by Stephen J. Lalla I’m going to assume that you’re healthy. Healthy in the sense that on occasion or perhaps even more frequently, you procrastinate. Stepping back for a moment, if you’re a super performing high achiever who never procrastinates, this article isn’t for you. However, you may wish to read it to … Read More
  • Get Ready. The Draft 1040 is out.

    As a tax preparer, Kathryn Bruns, CPA, is always interested to see how the IRS will change the next year’s Form 1040. With all of the new tax “stuff” issued earlier in the year, 2020 is of particular interest. Kathryn has the highlights: – a very prominent virtual currency inquiry. We’ve been able to “kind … Read More
  • ABCCM’s annual Transformation Celebration Gala & Auction is going virtual this year!

    ABCCM is inviting family, friends, church partners/members, and residents across Buncombe County and the U.S. to go online and register at https://www.abccm.org/gala to attend this year’s annual Transformation Celebration Gala & Auction, an informative and entertaining evening, celebrating individuals whose lives have been transformed into self-sustaining lives of promise, stability and hope. The gala takes … Read More
  • Here are some easy steps to A Healthier Home

    3 Low Cost Ways to Manage Runoff and Prevent the Humidity and Damp that Cause Mold Rick Bayless, owner of A Healthier Home, offers his expertise with some tips to help you enjoy your home for many years to come. Heavy rains, coupled with humid temperatures, play havoc with basements and crawl spaces across the … Read More
  • Everybody has a story to tell

    Reel JAM Productions will help bring that story to life. Reel JAM Productions is a freelance video service whose personalized approach helps creators develop a voice and resonate with their audience. No matter what you’re trying to convey – your customers, clients, and community are more likely to develop loyalty if they feel connected to … Read More
  • Not all cleaning services are the same

    Joyful Heart Cleaning offers residential and commercial cleaning services with a focus in detail and care, providing clients with support in transforming their home or workspace into a friendly, warm and inviting space. They use earth-friendly products and “go the extra mile” to recycle and conserve resources. Contact Joyful Heart Cleaning for a fresher, cleaner … Read More